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Bioteknic Labs

Lab equipment and spare parts

Axess Ultrasound 
Axess Ultrasound is a leader in ultrasound service, ultrasound probe and system repair,ultrasound technician training and ultrasound parts for nearly 1,000 hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide. The Axess Ultrasound service and repair team also specializes in the highly technical repair of TEE probes.  Protect your image™; it’s the foundation of success at Axess Ultrasound.  
BC Technical 
BC Technical is a nationwide, independent provider of CT, MRI, NM, SPECT/CT, PET, and PET/CT service, refurbished systems and parts. BC Technical started in 1995 with a vision of being a quality alternative to OEM diagnostic imaging solutions, carving out a niche in molecular imaging. Our roots are in providing the highest standard of quality and reliability for the best value.
ADAM Medical Sales, Inc. 
ADAM Medical Sales, Inc. is a full line provider of pre-owned replacement parts for Diagnostic Medical Imaging Equipment. We are a small, family owned business catering to the many specialized needs of those who rely on us.
In addition to our expanding parts business, ADAM Medical also provides expert deinstallation services as well and wholesale and retail sales of complete systems.

Global Medical Imaging 

Global Medical Imaging SONO® Ultrasound Wipes are SPECIFICALLY made for ultrasound. They are the only disinfectant wipes that have been tested to NOT damage your transducers and equipment. They are safe to handle without gloves and safe to use on LCD/Touch Screens, and have been tested on all major ultrasound manufacturers. SONO® wipes are EPA approved and meet OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard 1910.1030.

HTTM Health Tech Talent Management, LLC

Health Tech Talent Management, LLC is your solution provider for the right quality of talent! National Talent Search and Acquisition Company with specialty areas in Radiology for Imaging Service Engineers or Managers and in Biomedical for Technology Managers or Technicians. 

Pacific Medical

One Solution for All Your Patient Monitoring Equipment
Pacific Medical specialize in the sales, service, and repair of patient monitoring equipment for major manufacturers such as GE and Philips. For mission critical patient monitoring equipment our typical turn time is approximately around 48 hours. Pacific Medical specializes in monitors, modules, telemetry, infusion pumps, suction regulators, fetal transducers, SpO2/ECG/Temp/NIBP cables, O2 blenders, endoscopes and gas analyzers. Pacific Medical carries the largest patient monitoring inventory in the industry and is recognized for its cutting-edge customer service response team.

Rigel Medical

Rigel Medical's family of products feature test automation with an easy path to data traceability. We look forward to helping you improve efficiency and gain time savings in your PM activities. 

Southwestern Biomedical Electronics

Used and refurbished, the 91496-B Ultraview SL Command Module is the core of the SL patient monitoring system, providing the processing power for all basic physiologic parameters. You can select from a variety of configurations to suit the monitoring needs of specific patients or care units in the hospital.

South Pacific Biomedical, Inc

The Certifier FA Plus is leading the field in field ventilation testing. The Certifier Plus offers extensive functionality for neonatal, pediatric, adult and high frequency ventilator testing, service, and calibration.

Technical Prospects

Technical Prospects carries the digital detectors for your Siemens Axiom Artis & Aristos, and Mammomat Novation. Our detectors come with a 90 day warranty, proof of inspection, and are ready to ship. *Mammomat detectors also come with mapping software
Call our parts department at 877-604-6583 or email for availability and pricing.

Ultra Solutions

Ultra Solutions has the largest inventory of refurbished ultrasound equipment in the world. This may sound like a bold claim, as there are hundreds of companies that will sell you an ultrasound machine. But not a single one of our competitors has an inventory of more than 350 used ultrasound machines, 3000 transducers, and 1000s of parts in stock from every manufacturer like we do. And if  seeing is believing, come visit our 25,000 square foot facility in Ontario, California. You won’t want to leave!  

But what good is having all this ultrasound equipment if you don’t know what to do with it? Allow Ultra Solutions to answer that. We are able to take a simple request for a used machine and guide the customer to the perfect turn-key solution.

Speaking of repair, Ultra Solutions’ probe repair division is the fastest-growing segment of our business. We are able to repair probes that were once deemed inoperable. From a simple membrane replacement to an advanced array repair, we can provide the tools and expertise to get your ultrasound equipment back up and running. In addition, we can utilize our vast inventory of ultrasound probes to provide you with a fully functioning loaner while your probes are being perfected.

USOC Bio-Medical Services

USOC Medical is offering exceptional deals