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CE Department


Clinical Engineering Department

Each Clinical Engineering (CE) Department (CED) will require some customization based on the services that it will provide and the resources that will be provided to it. However, every clinical engineering manager will need to consider and incorporate staffing, space, test equipment, tools, communications equipment, training, and a computerized maintenance management system into the department’s plan.

Clinical Engineering Department is one name or title of the profession in healthcare institute. It also called as Medical Equipment Management, biomedical equipment management, or clinical equipment management. It is a fundamental part of managing a clinical/biomedical engineering department.

The related policies and procedures govern activities from the selection and acquisition through to the incoming inspection, acceptance, maintenance, and eventual retirement and disposal of medical equipment.

Requirements to Set-up Clinical Engineering Department

The aim for setting-up a new CE department is to understand and plan for things that hospitals might overlook when creating a new Clinical Engineering Department. Such as but not limited to Staffing, Training, Space, Tools, Test Equipment Maintenance System, etc..

The major issue to look at are but not limited to the following

A successful clinical engineering department must define its mission, vision, and goals as related to the facility’s mission. A mission statement should identify what the clinical engineering department does for the organization. A vision statement identifies the direction and future of the department and must incorporate the vision statement of the parent organization. 

Here is an example of mission and vision of CED:


The mission of the Clinical Engineering Services is to provide a team approach in assisting Hospital and Primary Care Services in their developing and delivering of a Quality Care System that is focused on continuous improvement, and geared towards satisfying patient’s expectations and facilitating cost containment.


It is the vision of the Clinical Engineering Services to be viewed as well-organized dynamics team that is knowledgeable and supportive. To promote the education of the organization Employees in their continuous efforts to improve Quality Care for their clients.