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What is Clinical Engineering Bank ?

Clinical Engineering Bank (CEB) is a bank of data and information that you may need and/or look for in Clinical Engineering Department in healthcare institute.

From general information in clinical engineering to a detailed information in how to set-up and manage clinical engineering department in a hospital and/or in type of healthcare and services providers. 

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What do you know about Clinical Engineering in Healthcare Institute?

The aim of this site is to introduce the Biomedical/Clinical Engineering practice in healthcare institutes in basic, simple and straightforward approach.

To know and understand how the Clinical Engineering Department looks like? How can you benchmark similar department in different setting? How can you start up your own department or reshaping your current set-up or arrangement to improve and develop better looking professional department and comply with up to-date standards.


Forum Recommends Unified Name for Field

A diverse group of 30 industry professionals has recommended that “Healthcare Technology Management” be the official name of the field responsible for servicing and maintaining medical technology.

The group chose the name during a Future Forum on April 28 and 29 facilitated by AAMI, and attended by clinical engineers, biomedical equipment technicians, educators, and other industry professionals.

“We felt that this name was accurate, easily understood by the public and other healthcare workers, and allowed for expansion of the field in the future,” said Pat Lynch, CBET, CCE, a biomedical support specialist at Global Medical Imaging.

During the two-day meeting, the group also spent considerable time crafting a vision for the future of the field, which includes the management of healthcare technologies that are highly integrated and interoperable. "AAMI Site"


Medical Technology Management

Medical Technology Assessment is the objective evaluation of a medical technology regarding its safety and performance, its (future) impact on clinical and non-clinical patient outcomes as well as its interactive effects on economical, organizational, social, juridical and ethical aspects of healthcare. Medical technologies are assessed both in absolute terms and in comparison to other (combinations of) medical technologies, procedures, treatments or ‘doing-nothing’.

The aim of Medical Technology Assessment is to provide objective, high-quality information that relevant stakeholders use for decision-making about for example development, pricing, market access and reimbursement of new medical technologies.

Medical Technology mission is to support the delivery of healthcare by insuring the availability of safe and effective medical technology in a cooperative effort with the other members of the healthcare team.

  • To support delivery of healthcare
  • Provide safe & Effective Medical Technology
  • In a cooperative effort with other members of the healthcare team

Involvement in all aspects of equipment acquisition and replacement decisions, development of new services and planning of new construction and major renovation.

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